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Example source code is provided on the Softwariness Github site under a 3-clause BSD-style license, which you will see in source file headers or LICENSE files in the Github repositories. This means that you can use the example code for personal or commercial use provided you stick to the license. Sometimes, third-party code may be included that is under a different license, and you should check for that in the LICENSE files if you intend to redistribute.

You can subscribe to receive new articles via RSS, and you can also see descriptions and links to new material in the Softwariness Twitter feed. On Twitter, the links use Softwariness’ URL shortener sft.me. sft.me is only used for links to the Softwariness site, and they are all intended to be memorable URLs (not random like the Twitter t.co URLs), so if you found something useful on this site, you can easily remember the short URL if you want to visit the page again.

If you’re wondering what the name Softwariness means, it’s a portmanteau of Software and Wariness. Computers are unforgiving of mistakes, so Software Engineers have to be careful to get code right, which it rarely is first time. On that note, if you have any problems accessing the site on your device, please do get in touch. Due to spam, commenting is disabled on all pages.

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