Enabling Crash Dumps

It’s easy to debug your program in your personal development environment, but if your program crashes when QA runs it or, if you’re unlucky, when your customer does, then you need to be able to get crash/core dumps so you can get some useful debug information to track down the …

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Addressing the XML/Object Impedance Mismatch – How to Generate Better Code from an XML Schema

One of many approaches to managing XML data in an application is XML/Object-binding, where classes are created in a language capable of object-oriented programming to encapsulate portions of the XML data format, and conversion methods are produced capable of translating in both directions between XML data and class instances. There …

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Making the Most of .NET XML Serialization

XML/Object Binding

.NET’s XML Serialization Framework is a handy way to convert your objects to and from XML, without having to deal with the nitty-gritty of working with XML structures, e.g. through DOM with XmlDocument, or the stream-based XmlReader and XmlWriter classes. Annotations can be placed on classes and properties using .NET …

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